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My name is Ed Braz

Seeing a white piece of paper gather dark spots as the chemicals magically produced the image I’d just captured with my camera is one of my earliest and most powerful memories.


As many of us do, I put my “hobbies”on the shelf, for the corporate world. I took up a rewarding career as a management consultant, working on exciting projects with companies such as Microsoft.

Time wore on, and through my constant work with entrepreneurs I began to see a way to recreate myself with my passion as a photographer.

Fifteen years ago, I began photographing wildlife in Kruger Park. It wasn’t long before I began bringing friends with me, and I found a niche as a guide and teacher. Soon I had a “waiting list”of friends (and then their friends) who were lining up for “weekend tours”with me. As time has gone on, I have formalized my schedule and am happy to share the experience with a few more people each year.

If you are seeking an all-inclusive and exclusive photographic safari this may be what you have been looking for.

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I am an avid conservationist and it pains me to hear of the slaughter of animals. Specifically I am perturbed by the trend in wildlife decimation that is taking place in parts of Africa.

The annual worldwide trade in wildlife exceeds $17 billion fueling conflict, terrorism and other serious criminal activities. For instance, rhino horn is consumed mostly in Asia, despite being illegal, to cure cancer, ingrown toenails, skin ailments, erectile dysfunction, headaches and is seen as a remedy for any conceivable malady.

Scientifically, rhino horn has no demonstrable medicinal benefits. When we consider that the horn is genetically similar to human nails, are we surprised that the myth is propagated by traditional custom, avarice and greed of intermediaries, poachers and traders?

I support the anti-poaching struggle –it is one of my personal projects to spread the word of this universal calamity to as many people as possible with a view to counter the practices.

Thanks for visiting my site. If you are passionate about photography you might be well-suited to join us on an upcoming safari.

I have always been fascinated by two great loves: Photography & Animals

Member of Professional Photographers of America

North American Nature Photography Association

Carolina’s Nature Photographers Association

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