Lisbon – by Day and Night

As I was passing through Lisbon for only 3 or 4 days, I found a photographic guide to get me around to the essential photographic spots in the city. Lisbon is an old city, having been rebuilt in 1755 after an earthquake struck the area. The city is set on seven hills and getting around was made easy by Miguel Helfrich from Lisbon Photo. Look him up for a superb photo guide in Lisbon

During the 2 outings, one during the morning and the other at night, we visited the emblematic locations of the city – the Sao Jorge Castle, the Santa Justa Elevator, the Carmo Convent. It seems that any surface is suitable for graffiti – some of it has meaning, some appears to be painted because there was a wall standing there not yet assaulted by a paintbrush.

The only vestige of wildlife I found slapped up on a graffiti wall was a rather cute elephant with the curt message – DONT CLEAN THIS (sic)

The funicular railway at Calçada da Gloria was painted by the street artists specializing on rail and transportation targets – I found similar slogans in Germany on walls, trains and trucks. If you can throw light on this topic, please comment below.

I could not help noticing the street lamps located on walls and lamp posts. Lisbon has some distinctive shaped street lamps which I tried to capture either in full view or by the shadows projected on the wall by the sun.


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  1. Gosto de Lisboa!
    As tuas fotos realçam peculiaridades muito típicas da cidade.
    (Ainda bem que não fotografaste um pastel de nata, imagina a fila depois disso…)

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