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“Having spent several weeks in the South African bush with Ed on his tour last year, I can say he is extremely knowledgeable about the country and the wildlife. After finding out he grew up in South Africa, it is easy to understand why he knows the landscape and customs of the diverse areas of the country so well. He was an excellent guide and was able to work with me to get the best images during the amazing trip.

The tour itinerary and camps were fantastic – I will not hesitate to go back out with Ed again – and I have already booked another tour with him.

He is truly dedicated to the wildlife of the world, and in particular the African wildlife, as an animal conservationist I appreciated that perspective. As for Ed himself, he is generous with his knowledge and expertise of photography as well as the landscape and wildlife. His friendly and relaxed manner is infectious and ensues a great time on tour with him. ”

– Peter Geller, New York.

“For my first encounter with the African wildlife I could not have dreamt of any better!

Ed, thanks to all your efforts, all went well; the hotels were excellent and the photographic opportunity abundant.

Your knowledge of the African wildlife allowed [me] to gain insight of the animal’s behaviour and habitat and all the challenges of wild life preservation. Unfulfilled with my predator experience, I am joining your Botswana tour.”

– Ibrahim Sultanem, Canada.

“I wanted to be adventurous! I decided travelling alone to Africa to photograph people and wild animals would be the perfect adventure tour. In short, it was a disaster.

So this time I chose to travel on a photo safari tour to Botswana. Ed has travelled thousands of kilometres on the continent – he scouts and runs his own photo safari tours and has found remarkable places to visit. Every day was a new surprise – African Wild Dogs, African Fish Eagles, Leopards catching fish – mixed in with Ed’s knowledge and enthusiasm for conservation made this trip a real adventure. I will always remember the wide open marsh with elephants all around the vehicles….”

– Christopher Reed, West Virginia.

“Our ranger was the best – knowledgeable and with a keen sense of what the animals were likely to do next. At times, we were so close to the animals that we could hear them breathe!

Ed was able to hold a conversation, recommend photographic settings and image composition. And he would spot animals in the bush all at the same time. Just a complete, memorable experience – I will certainly go with Ed on my next photo safari.”

– Jeanine Warner, West Virginia.

“Ed not only guided our tour to the best spots, he also assisted on getting the best light positions and encouraged us to attempt different ways of exposing images.

Above all this, what made this an extraordinary tour, was his knowledge and respect for each and every animal we encountered. He instilled in me a new love for these wonderful creatures as well as the zeal to see them survive and continue living in a land where humans are guests… It was a really unforgettable experience. Thank you.”

–Mena Bico, Edenvale.

“Ed has the technical aspects of taking photos at his fingertips. And he describes all the camera actions in simple to understand terms. I am a better photographer for having chosen Ed and his safari tour to travel.”

–Malcolm Kibb, Queensland.

My shot of the elephant is what made me cry that day after the Chobe River boat. Being so close to these magnificent beings and them IN YOUR FACE and happy and free. I cried again seeing it. Everybody did such a wonderful job. What a great gift this book is. You are tops, Ed!

–Theresa Maggio, Vermont.

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