wild dogs

Wild Dogs Hunting

One morning on a Photo Tour, Timbavati, South Africa

The morning was cool and clear. We left camp and the guide rattled off the usual “… we will look for some cat activity and keep an eye for elephants. We will see impala (ha ha – they’re everywhere) ….” So it looked like another ‘see what we can find’ experience.

Hardly had the announcements finished the radio crackled – someone had seen wild dogs! The chase was on! Within a few minutes we too had sight of the pack, all of 19 adults and sub-adults, running in the bush, partly and often obscured by the growth. The fluffy white tails in the air served as beacons to the followers as the pack moved forward relentlessly. We were off the road following the frenetic pace of these wonderfully intelligent animals. The pack was on the hunt, isolating the prey and ready to pounce. As we followed them, we were slowed down getting across a drainage line for a few vital minutes. We soon met up with the pack but only saw the evidence of the kill. Some excited dogs with bloody faces going in all directions. Others lay down gathering their breath. It all happened so quickly – what seemed like a few minutes had been a good 40 minutes of adrenalin packed action….. for the photographers.

The rest of the morning drive was calmer but the chatter of the sighting at breakfast remained enthusiastic. And the memories, unforgettable.

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A conservationist at heart, my two great loves - photography and animals - are revealed in my pursuit of remarkable images. This pursuit led me from my rewarding career as a management consultant to a new niche as a photography guide and teacher. It wasn’t long before my “waiting list” of friends (and then their friends) who were lining up for weekend tours translated into a formalized schedule. I invite you to join me on an exclusive, all-inclusive photographic safari in some of my favorite places in the world.