Gratuities - A Guideline

Tipping or paying gratuities is not the norm in most countries where I conduct safaris and workshops. And although tipping is always voluntary, the majority of people you meet put their heart and soul into making your journey a memorable experience for you. In my opinion this effort is meritorious and deserving of recognition.

Tips are a significant component of the income for those working in service industries, including waiters, porters, guides and trackers. There is a fine balance between tipping enough and tipping too much. The following guidelines are presented to remove much of the anxiety surrounding tipping.

Drivers & guides are recommended at $25 to $30 per guest per day

Camp and hotel staff are recommended at $15 to $20 per guest per day

Gratuities should be paid out in cash - please ensure you have the appropriate values available before heading out to the bush

Envelopes will be available to make gratuities discretely.