One of my proudest moments, as a tour operator/guide, is to receive feedback, good or bad, from active participants on a photo safari. I am grateful for the observations and testimonials given by some guests over the years from adventures and workshops they have attended.



Having been out with Ed Braz on several safaris, I knew what to expect; an extremely well choreographed first class African safari tour. From the time you get off the plane you can expect a hassle free experience. You’ll be picked up at the airport by his representative and driven to an excellent hotel and then the wonderful experience begins. I have come back from all of Ed’s safaris with nothing less than amazement and total satisfaction. Ed is an extremely knowledgeable wildlife expert and a fantastic photographer. He grew up in Africa so he knows the landscape and the people as well as several African languages fluently. He will instruct you on how to get the best shots during the Safari, no matter what your level of photographic knowledge and will help you get some amazing photographic images during your Safari. He is extremely skilled in coordinating with a safari vehicle driver to put you in the perfect position for excellent wildlife images. This is one of the more important and understated skills of a Safari leader while in the bush or on the savannah.
Additionally, Ed is socially adept at making everyone on the safari feel extremely comfortable and welcome. He’ll facilitate a genuine camaraderie during the Safari experience, which is very important given that tour members are spending a lot of time with each other. I have been to Africa quite a few times, and have been on Safari with other photographic tour leaders. There is no one else I would even consider going an African safari other than Ed Braz. Not only does Ed provide an amazing Safari experience but he does so at a very reasonable fee compared to other African safaris.
— PG, New York

My wife and I recently had the pleasure of joining Ed on a safari to Sabi Sands near the Kruger National Park. I had watched a presentation from Ed about his Safaris and had been impressed with the fact that he had addressed every concern I had as an amateur photographer: being in position at the right time, having plenty of room to photograph from the safari vehicle, and, importantly, having a driver that was able and willing to position it so that everyone could photograph the animals being viewed from the best vantage point. Both lodges which Ed used were excellently well run – excellent food, great accommodations, and even full communications. Finally, Ed looked after us from the moment we arrived at Johannesburg airport, throughout the entire trip, right up until he showed us to our departure gate for our flight to London. Overall, this was a productive, exciting, and safe trip. We would not hesitate to recommend Ed’s trips.
— BB, North Carolina

We traveled to South Africa with Ed Braz in September of 2018 for our first photo safari experience – and from the pre-planning stages, to providing detailed travel advice, to assisting with an add-on few days in Cape Town (including finding a wonderful guide and driver for us while there!), to helpful reminders about camera settings in a variety of lighting/weather conditions, Ed made sure that our experience was absolutely first class. He carefully chooses where to go and what time of year to best experience a particular area. For us, for example, going in September meant we were able to see some young animals – young lion cubs, many baby elephants, a baby rhino, and even some African Wild Dog pups (actually, we were able to get close enough to hear them, though not photograph – missed the mother bringing them out of the den by about a week!!!). The fact that Ed is so familiar with the locations he takes his guests to see enhances the experience – he has worked with many of the guides and trackers, is confident in the quality of the food and accommodations (both excellent!) and camaraderie of the staff that serve the guests with such joy – he even arranged for a special ‘sundowner’ event in the bush one evening with champagne and cocktails to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary! There was just really no way that our first photo safari could have been any better!!!
Highest recommendation - five stars! 😃
— LH & DH, North Carolina

Having spent several weeks in the South African bush with Ed on his tour last year, I can say he is extremely knowledgeable about the country and the wildlife. After finding out he grew up in South Africa, it is easy to understand why he knows the landscape and customs of the diverse areas of the country so well. He was an excellent guide and was able to work with me to get the best images during the amazing trip. The tour itinerary and camps were fantastic - I will not hesitate to go back out with Ed again - and I have already booked another tour with him. He is truly dedicated to the wildlife of the world, and in particular the African wildlife, as an animal conservationist I appreciated that perspective. As for Ed himself, he is generous with his knowledge and expertise of photography as well as the landscape and wildlife. His friendly and relaxed manner is infectious and ensues a great time on tour with him.
— PG, New York

My shot of the elephant is what made me cry that day after the Chobe River boat. Being so close to these magnificent beings and them IN YOUR FACE and happy and free. I cried again seeing it. Everybody did such a wonderful job. What a great gift this book is. You are tops, Ed!

For my first encounter with the African wildlife I could not have dreamt of any better! Ed, thanks to all your efforts, all went well; the hotels were excellent and the photographic opportunity abundant. Your knowledge of the African wildlife allowed [me] to gain insight of the animal’s behaviour and habitat and all the challenges of wild life preservation. Unfulfilled with my predator experience, I am joining your Botswana tour.
— IS, Canada.