Terms and Considerations



This is a great opportunity for you to take pictures of the environment and observe animals in the wild. Most travelling is undertaken in air-conditioned vehicles. Images are best taken away from the vehicle and involve moderate walking. On some workshops, it is possible to climb dunes or walk to locations with specific photographic relevance. Whilst all this is optional – you should be able to climb into and out of a safari vehicle and walk unaided for short distances. Guests must complete a standard liability waiver before participating on workshops - all efforts will be entertained so that all guests will enjoy all and any outings on the workshop - no guest will be left behind!

Photo Safaris

While on game drives, alighting from a vehicle is strictly forbidden unless and until indicated by a ranger who will determine the environmental safety for all guests. The open-air, stadium style seating on these vehicles provides photographers with all round visibility. On safaris with multiple vehicles and offering one guest per row, your equipment will always be close by.



This safari tour visits a number of luxurious and well-appointed lodges in National Parks. It is suggested you consult with your travel doctor to determine the precautions to be taken given the destination and the conditions found there. The government organizations and travel clinics below are trusted resources for complete and up-to-date info about travelers’ health. Please determine the applicable guidelines for the country or countries that you will be visiting.



Some of the areas we visit are wild and at a distance from major cities; it is a condition of this booking for guests to carry their own medical evacuation insurance. You will be asked to provide independent documentary evidence of such cover, failing which cover will be provided for you at your cost and added to your account.

Please provide the office with the insurance company’s name, contact number and your individual policy number. Thank you for understanding that this policy exists in the interest of our guests’ safety.



Each outing specifies the starting and ending location of that outing. Your travel arrangements must ensure that you arrive at the starting location no later than 6pm on the first day of the tour. On that evening the group meets for a group introduction and welcome cocktails offered by the organizers. Each outing will end at te ending location, with an airport or a city close to the airport. Please arrange departures from the airport no earlier than after 4 pm on the final day. If you plan to participate in any add-on side trip, the routing will determine the itinerary at the time of reservation.

It is strongly recommended that prior to making your final travel arrangements, you establish from us any special considerations for the particular tour or workshop.